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We represent the major financial institutions in Canada, including banks and mutual fund companies.

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We are here to help you grow your financial assets always putting your interests first and listening to you.

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We team up with experts and professionals in various fields to work together towards achieving your financial goals.


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Get assistance to manage your investments conservatively.

High Yield Investments

High-performance strategies for clients with higher risk tolerance.

Risk Covers

Protect both your family and your wealth and manage your risks prudently.


Balance the risk in your portfolio by understanding and appling your personal risk profile.

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Over the last years Queen Financial has collected some awards being recognized as one of the Top Financial Advisory companies in Canada. We are very grateful for each of our Advisers and each of our clients who helped us become what we are today.

CV Magazine – 2020

“I feel great when my advice and professional service really help the clients to solve their financial problems and provide solutions to reach their financial goals.”

Charles Jiang

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Disclaimer: All mutual funds investments and EMD investments are offered through Queen Financial Group Inc. All life insurance products are offered through Queen Wealth Management Inc.