Welcome to Queen Financial Group Inc.
Our Goal is to Help You Reach Your Financial Goals!

Interactive Service

We privide one-step comprehensive financial services. We put your interests first. We listen to you. We address your concerns. We want to grow together with your financial assets.
Our Team Approach
We team up with experts and professionals in various fields to work together towards achieving your financial goals.
Timely Financial Updates
We provide real-time financial data, such as Indices of Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, Nasdaq, TSX 300, etc.
Our Services
We provide comprehensive financial services. We represent the major financial institutions in Canada, including banks and mutual fund companies.
We Carry: Fidelity, Mackenzie, CI, AIM, Trimark, AIC, AGF, Franklin Templeton, TD Mutual Fund, GGOF, Talvest, etc.
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